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What you can experience

We will hold a mountain climbing tour where you can enjoy nature and refresh your mind and body. On this tour, you can experience the charm of mountain climbing while enjoying beautiful scenery, and it will support a healthy lifestyle. Please join us.

About the host tsukushitai
We, the NPO Furusato Tsukushitai, established the “Furusato Tsukushitai” as one of our activities. Inheritance planning should be considered on the themes of division, tax payment, and tax savings, but when using law, tax, real estate, life insurance, etc., the answers are often contradictory. Therefore, what should be prioritized? It is necessary to consider from each aspect. Furusato Tsukushitai is an inheritance support organization formed by experts such as lawyers, judicial scriveners, tax accountants, real estate, and life insurance who can respond to such interdisciplinary developments. Rather than specializing only in providing knowledge and skills on inheritance issues, we would like to think together with you about what true happiness is for you and provide inheritance support. And if possible, through inheritance, we would like to share with you the way of life with “virtue” that has been cherished as a Japanese person.

Detailed information

Price Adults, Junior and Senior High School Students 6,000 ye
*Prices are per person.
*Please check the total payment amount on the reservation screen.
5:00 PM 7 days before the event deadline (may vary depending on the event date).
Cancellation is free up until the event deadline.
If you cancel after this date, you will be charged the full amount as a handling fee.
Number of people required for event 3
May vary depending on the event date.
If the number of people required is not met by the event deadline, the experience will be canceled.
Experience duration Approximately 2 hours (may vary)
Event in case of rain Cancelled in case of rain